Discover the incredible benefits of ninja warrior training!

At Brooklyn Ninja Academy, children and adults of all skill levels learn how to analyze, approach, and conquer ninja warrior obstacles. Our challenging and unique obstacles reflect those seen on NBC’s American Ninja Warrior.

Have fun and push yourself to new limits! Kids classes are geared towards learning the basics, adult classes are designed for all levels, and advanced one-on-one classes prepare athletes for competition. Many of our staff and students have been Ninja Warrior competitors, and even some of our young students have competed on American Ninja Warrior Junior. 


We are a diverse group of ninjas with various athletic backgrounds


Madelyn Scarpulla is a long-time music industry professional having held senior marketing and creative positions at several major and independent record labels, and a major-market radio station. Madelyn made the bold decision to open her first ninja warrior training facility in 2019. “Opening New York City Ninja Academy and Brooklyn Ninja Academy allowed me to combine my entrepreneurial skills and business savvy with my life-long passion for athletics. My terrific team and I have created a thriving close-knit community of ninja families and athletes in New York City. Now, I’m excited to bring the sport of ninja warrior to Los Angeles in the same spirit.”



Frantz Theodore, Florida raised, is a New York trained athlete and performer who specializes in ninja warrior, parkour, and tumbling. Frantz has done stunts for short films, ads, and music videos. You may see him tumbling and breakdancing for the NBA’s Long Island Nets. As an athletic educator, Frantz has been teaching for over seven years. And trains both children and adults to fall in love with the art of movement and be the best that they can be!


Darion Bennett is a ninja coach, teacher, trainer, and obstacle course competitor. Teaching ninja is his passion, and his students range from children in preschool all the way to adults in both private and class sessions. He has helped lead hundreds of athletes (as well as himself) to Regional and World championships for the World Ninja League. Darion has appeared on Seasons 10 and 14 of NBC’s American Ninja Warrior where he competed at the Semi-Final level. Darion coaches in both Brooklyn and Manhattan locations.


Coach Ashante has trained parkour for over 10 years. He coaches children in both class and party settings, while engaging in a mild amount of tomfoolery – while always focused on technique and building strength to help others achieve their goals. A bit of a self-described nerd, Ashante relates to the kids about comic books and video games. While they are often mistaken for one another, Coaches Cleon and Ashante are not the same person, nor are they related.


Coach Sebastian was a Division I Track & Field Athlete at Stony Brook University and has earned MVP for his football, wrestling, and track teams. He was a javelin thrower and a sprinter. He competes at the Elite level in World Ninja League competitions and coaches advanced students and team at both Manhattan and Brooklyn locations.

Originally from outside of Philadelphia PA, Coach Derek has been training ninja warrior for over 12 years. He was lucky enough to have a ninja course in his backyard at age 6. He’s been training ever since and now competes at the Elite level in the World Ninja League. Derek says his favorite part about ninja is the friendships you make, and all the things you learn and give to others along the way.


Coach Sey is a gymnastics and cheer coach. For 13 years he has coached Olympic level gymnasts and Cheer World Champions. His claim to fame is his tumbling – both twisting and height specifically. Kids love Coach Sey, even though he’s kind of mean.


Lawrence Williams has an extensive parkour and gymnastics background, and has been coaching ninja warrior for over 5 years. Coach Lawrence loves to work with his students to achieve their specific goals. His positive attitude and great energy is contagious with the kids that he coaches, and his class environment is always full of encouragement and support. Lawrence continues to improve as a coach and a ninja himself, inspired by the kids, his fellow coaches, and the desire to compete in the WNL.

What People Are Saying...

Great coaches! I would highly recommend sending your kids to train at this fantastic facility. Everyone is top notch.

James G.

This was a blast! My kids took part in an introductory session and loved it! Both instructors were attentive, knowledgeable, and patient. Stressing safety and inclusion, my kids came away from this feeling empowered.

Chris L.

Fun and engaging for kids and adults! Warped walls, balance obstacles, and a million other challenging stations to conquer!

Heather C.

Great place for kids. My son wants to go there daily.

Monica R.

This place is awesome! My 6 year old loves his class. The staff is great with the kids. I would recommend this to anyone looking to try out something new.

Carrie M.

We celebrated my daughter’s 10th birthday at NY Ninja Academy. My 12 year old son and his friend joined in the party. Everyone had a wonderful time. The staff was great with the kids. On the way home the 6 kids I had in the car could not stop talking about the instructors and how much fun they had. Highly recommend.

Kim K.

Wow! By far the best birthday experience my 3 sons ever had. Our instructors were amazing teaching 10 energetic boys! We will definitely be signing up for classes. Great facility too!

Sarah U.

My girls have been taking classes here since they opened. Love the place and the people! So welcoming and affirming!

Donna J.

My 16 year old son loves every moment he spends at NYC Ninja. He enjoys all the people and staff. It’s like a family gathering and not like a gym.

Francine E.

My wife and I visited as drop-ins, and our coach was excellent at explaining the obstacles, giving feedback, and progressions for obstacles we weren’t able to complete. This was NOT an easy course but was fun and challenging. I never realized how scared I’d be of trying the warped wall! Some obstacles are permanent and some rotate out. We don’t live in this area, we were visiting, but we will look forward to returning here!!!

Rick P.

Great gym! Came all the way from Ohio and was worth every mile traveled!

Sean E.

A great place for kids. They balance fun, discipline, mental and physical strength. They teach them to use skill, intelligence and effort to overcome challenges. And while it is about individual achievement, you are not competing with others but only yourself and what you are personally capable of achieving. Everyone is in it together and striving towards the same goals. The various instructors that I have met have been excellent with the children – combining fun, learning, implementing rules, ensuring fairness and being patience while maintaining control.

Tony A.

These guys are amazing with kids… patient and caring while being fun and safe all at the same time! Highly recommend.

Antonio V.

Great open facility! Very clean and organized. The coaches are awesome with the kids!

Stacey J.